Product Variants: How to set up multiple sizes for one product

Justin Sloane
Justin Sloane
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In Barcart, you are able to set up multiple sizes for a given SKU. For example, a 750ml and 375ml of the same product or a t-shirt with small, medium, and large sizes.

If you have a product with multiple sizes, you only need to add the product once. When submitting the product, you'll use the Add Variant button that can be found in the Variants section below Add Cost By State

Be sure to follow these instructions when setting up Variants: 

  1. Each size should have its own Variant. Do not add multiple sizes in one variant
  2. Each Variant needs to have an SRP (even if they are all the same), as well as at least one Cost by State line with a state and distributor inputted. 


  3. In the Images section, make sure that each Variant has been linked to an image in the Choose Variants field. You can use a single image for all Variants or add multiple images that each have a different associated variant. 


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