What is Barcart Lite?

Justin Sloane
Justin Sloane
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Our Lite plan is for brands who aren’t yet ready to use Barcart, but are interested in selling and linking to their products on Mash&Grape, our consumer-facing marketplace.

For the Lite plan, you would submit you products and, if approved, your products would be sold on Mash&Grape with unique product pages and brand collection page.

All products submitted to Mash&Grape are subject to approval by the Mash&Grape team. Listing approval for Mash&Grape is not guaranteed unless a brand is a paid Barcart client.

In addition to Mash&Grape approval, products must meet the following criteria:

  1. Products must be distributed in a state where we have retailers. (We currently have retailers in these states. The retailer states in which your product is distributed will determine the availability for consumers shopping from Mash&Grape.)
  2. MSRP must allow for 30% retailer margin.
  3. Products must be available at our retailers or easily accessible to them via your distributors.

Before submitting new products for approval, be sure to check Mash&Grape to see if any of your products are already listed.

Please note that while our Lite plan includes product sales data, it does not include first-party consumer data since the sales are coming from a third-party marketplace.

If you’re interested in moving forward with Barcart Lite, please reach out to partner@getbarcart.com

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