When will my package be delivered?

Danielle Bolender
Danielle Bolender
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All orders are fulfilled by our licensed retail partners, who usually process them within 1 to 5 business days of receiving them. Once the order is processed you will receive a notification email with a tracking link allowing you to track the order and determine when it arrives.


Fast forward to delivery day - You will receive a text when the driver marks your order as en route, and a call or text alert when the driver has arrived. If the order has not been accepted by the store in an acceptable amount of time you may receive a text that your delivery driver is running late. Someone 21 or older must be home to accept the order.


Disclaimer: We have no control over what happens with your order/package once it has left the retailer's facility - but we always try our best to make things right. Reach out to us at support@getbarcart.com if you have any issues.

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