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Google analytics can be integrated with the Barcart Buy Button by providing your Universal Analytics ("UA-") ID from Google in the appropriate field when generating the Barcart Button.


1. How To Find Google Analytics Tracking ID

Once you’ve signed up for Google Analytics, you’ll be able to retrieve your tracking ID. 

Universal Analytics 

To find your Universal Analytics Tracking ID:

  1. Open Google Analytics
  2. Click the ‘Admin’ tab
  3. In the left-hand column, click Tracking Info
  4. Click ‘Tracking Code’ 
  5. Your code will be available here. For Universal Analytics users, the codes start with “UA.”
google analytics tracking id


2. Integrate Google Analytics with Barcart

The Universal Analytics ID should be input in the corresponding field on the Barcart Button page. Instructions for generating the button are here.



3. Track Events using Google Analytics

Once the button is deployed to your website, any interaction with the button will result in event data being sent back to Google Analytics. A quick way to test the integration is working is to navigate to your Google Analytics account and the Realtime section under Reports.




And here are the events that you would see in your Google Analytics account:


4. Events Sent to Google Analytics

  • Add to Cart - triggered when the Barcart Buy Button is clicked
  • Initiate Checkout - triggered when the "Proceed to Checkout" button on the cart is clicked, leading to the checkout screen
  • Purchase - triggered upon the successful creation of an order



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