Leveraging Mash & Grape Audience Data

Justin Sloane
Justin Sloane
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Barcart brands with Pro subscriptions are able to leverage Mash & Grape audience data via Facebook Ads to target pre-vetted consumers on Facebook and Instagram.


How It Works

We create a Custom Audience based on Mash & Grape purchase data that’s targeted towards your target categories (e.g. whiskey buyers) and then share this anonymized audience data via Facebook Business Manager.

This data can be used to target those consumers and as a jump-off point to target additional consumers who resemble the shared Custom Audience (i.e. Lookalike Audiences).

The customer data is anonymous and only available for paid social ads.


Getting Started

To get started, Pro subscribers can reach out to partner@getbarcart.com to let us know that you're interested in leveraging the Mash & Grape audience data. As part of the request, please share your Facebook Business Manager ID, along with details about the audiences that you are hoping to target. 

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