Selling Merchandise and Non-Alcohol Items on Barcart

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Barcart Pro users are able to sell merchandise and non-alcohol items on Barcart alongside alcohol items.

In most states, compliance restrictions prevent licensed alcohol retailers from selling merchandise and other non-alcohol items (unless the merchandise is being offered as a promotional item at no cost to customer).

For any merchandise or non-alcohol item being sold for a monetary value, the seller most often will need to be separate from the retailers who are fulfilling sales for your alcohol items.

Our platform is able to split consumer orders so that the alcohol sale is routed to a licensed alcohol retailer, while the sale of merchandise or non-alcohol item is routed to either you or your designated 3PL.



Selling merchandise and/or non-alcohol items on Barcart requires a Pro account ($299/month). For all non-alcohol sales, there is a standard payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. These fees are automatically deducted from your payouts.

At this time, split orders do not result in multiple shipping fees charged to the end consumer. In other words, the end consumer will be charged shipping for the alcohol items only - and only the retailer fulfilling the alcohol sale will receive the shipping revenue.

Therefore, to accommodate for the shipping costs of your non-alcohol items, you will either need to bake these costs into the items’ prices or forgo shipping revenue.


Order Management

At this time, management of merchandise orders (e.g. creating shipping labels, etc.) must be handled in either Barcart or ShipStation.

If you are using Barcart's Shopify integration, this workflow still applies. This is because orders must flow into Barcart first for compliance and logistical reasons before they are split into their alcohol and non-alcohol sub-orders.

Our team will set you up with a fulfillment account and demo as part of your onboarding.

Payments for each order are delivered to your Stripe account when the order is marked as delivered.


Getting Set Up

Whether you or a 3PL will be fulfilling, we’ll need to set up a fulfillment account that will properly route the funds from non-alcohol sales to you and the order details to the fulfiller. 

Before setting up your non-alcohol products, email to let our team know who will be fulfilling these items. Please provide the following information:

  • The first and last name the account will be under.
  • The email address the account will be under.
    • Your fulfillment account will have to be under a separate email than any of your existing Barcart accounts.
  • Ship from address and phone.
  • Return address and phone.

Our team will then create a fulfillment account for you and have you connect your Stripe account to receive payments. If you or your 3PL will be using ShipStation, you'll also be able to connect your ShipStation account.

Once set up with a fulfillment account, you can proceed to add products through the same process that you added alcohol items. Our team will then approve the products in the system and you’ll be able to generate the buy buttons.

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