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The Bulk Orders functionality in Barcart allows you to send multiple orders to people, with a single payment. Usually this is requested by a corporate client who wants to send your product to multiple recipients. In that case this tool allows you to collect the order information from them, and share a single payment link with the client, and when that payment is successfully processed, Barcart generates the individual orders which can be tracked under Orders in Barcart. 



  1. Navigate to Bulk Orders
  2. Click on Create New order
  3. Download the template and fill it with your details
    1. Product SKU info is available under Products on each product detail page
    2. Enter each SKU a recipient should receive on a separate line
  4. Name this Bulk Order something to help identify it for later
  5. Enter an email address to send the payment link to. This could be your email and you can take the link and share it with the payer yourself as well.
  6. Upload the completed file and click next
  7. Review and proceed.
    1. If you see something wrong, the file might need to be edited to resolve it
    2. Or you can reach out to us at or chat with support to assist
  8. Once the file is processed it will move to status "Ready for Review"
    1. At this point, click on the bulk order, ensure everything looks correct and click on Generate Invoice
    2. The email address in step 5 above will receive a link to pay for this order. The email will come from
  9. Upon successful payment, orders will be automatically generated corresponding to the records in the file you uploaded and you will be able to view the orders in Barcart.
  10. Each order will then be treated as a separate, individual order and assigned to retailers for fulfillment

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