How To Create Discount Codes

Dhvani Desai
Dhvani Desai
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You're able to create discount codes via your Barcart dashboard. As discount codes are used by customers, the charges are billed back to the card you have on file on a weekly basis. You'll see reporting for all discount code usage in the Discount Codes page.


Adding a new discount code

  1. Log into Barcart
  2. Go to the menu in the top left of the screen and select Discount Codes
  3. Select + ADD in the top right corner.
  4. Fill out the form accordingly:
    • Discount Code: Name of your discount code.
    • Type: Choose a percentage, fixed amount, or free shipping.
    • Apply Discount to: Choose either the brand or specific products that the discount code will apply to.
    • Minimum Requirement: Choose a minimum purchase amount ($ value) or minimum quantity that must be present for the discount code to work.
    • Set Limits (Optional): Limit the number of times this discount can be used in total and/or limit the use to one per customer.
    • Set Timeline: Choose a start and end date for the discount code to be active.
  5. Hit Submit. Once you submit, the code will be reviewed for approval. Once approved, you will receive an email.


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