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Integrating Barcart and ShipStation
Integrating Barcart and ShipStation
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Below are the steps to follow to set up your ShipStation custom store integration:

  1. Access your ShipStation account and click on the settings gear in the top right.

  2. On the left-side menu, click on “Selling Channels” and then “Store Setup."

  3. Click “Connect a Store or Marketplace."

  4. In the search bar, type “custom store” and click on that option.

  5. In the URL field, place your store’s token that was provided to you by the Barcart team.

  6. For Username & Password, enter your Barcart username & password.

  7. Map the order statuses to the following:

    • Awaiting Payment Status --> OPEN

    • Awaiting Shipment Status --> CONFIRMED

    • Shipped Status --> CLOSED

    • Cancelled Status --> CANCELLED, UNASSIGNED

    • On-Hold Status --> ON_HOLD

  8. Click “test connection” to confirm success and then click “connect.”

  9. The new store will show with a default name “New Custom Store Store.”

  10. Click on the 3 dots on the right side of the store’s row, then click “edit store details.”

  11. Click on the “emails” tab. Then, next to “Send email and marketplace notification when...”, click on “Shipping label is created." Save changes.

  12. On the packing slips tab, add the following to the Packing Slip Footer section: “Fulfilled by Barcart. For any questions about your order contact [email protected].”

Note: orders will only sync to your ShipStation once you have marked them as “confirmed” within Barcart and AFTER you have set up the custom store integration outlined above.

After marking orders as confirmed, access your ShipStation again and click the “update all stores” button in the top right side of your account view to sync the orders.

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