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Order issue handling & policies
Order issue handling & policies
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Damaged or lost product

In the event that a customer reports a broken or lost product upon delivery, the following policies apply:

  • The customer is obligated to provide proof of the damaged/wrong item

  • Wrong items will require you to provide a return label

  • If the package is reported as lost/damaged in transit we will fully refund the customer with our funds and you may file a claim with the shipping carrier.

Customer reports lost order, but tracking is marked as delivered

In this case we will always ask the customer to do their due diligence like wait a few business days or check with neighbors, housemates, property managers, etc. which often resolves the problem.

Additionally, we may ask you to reach out to the shipping carrier for proof of delivery (POD)

  • If POD is inconclusive or no signature was obtained, we will refund the cost of the product and shipping or request the item be reshipped to the customer. You may file a claim with the shipping carrier.

  • If POD corroborates the tracking status (delivered to the correct address) these will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Returned to Sender

If the customer is at fault

  • We will refund the customer for the cost of the product but you will be paid out twice for shipping (the cost for shipping the package + the cost of accepting a returned package)

If the customer is not at fault

  • We will refund the customer for the cost of the product + their shipping fee.

Fault cannot be determined

  • We will refund the cost of the product and cost of shipping to the customer

  • This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis to determine how to split the cost of shipping but typically we will split the cost of shipping 50/50.

Return Labels

Our support team will reach out for return labels if the customer received the incorrect item or you are requesting damaged product be sent back

  • Please respond directly to our email with the return label within 1 business day of the request

  • If a reship is requested by the customer, a new order number (this order number will match the original order with a -R at the end) will be assigned to you for the reshipment of the correct item.

  • Please do not wait for the item to be returned to send out the correct order, since the customer is not at fault here we need to resolve this expeditiously and making them wait may cause more frustration.

Our policies are designed to remain customer forward while also being cognizant of the slim margins and high shipping costs all retailers face. Please reach out to [email protected] for any further questions.

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