Starward FAQs
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Engraving is now available on Barcart for the brand Starward.

  • VISTA is doing the engraving for now but the team expects to extend this to Main Street Liquor and GACS retailers as well.

  • If we need to reach out to VISTA about engraving issues, we send an email to [email protected] and cc [email protected]. (added this to the retailer contact sheet now)

  • Orders with engraving may take 10 days to ship.

  • Customers can add engraving free of charge on Starward.

  • We can see which product the engraving was added to and what the text says on the order.

  • A line saying ‘engraving product’ will be added in the order, that’s how we will know engraving was added.


  • Starward engraving is available on certain products but the text needs to be added before adding the bottles to checkout. Customers can do this by ticking the checkbox above ADD TO CART and adding the text there.

    • We cannot add the engraving after the order is placed

    • For customers who want to add the engraving after the order has been placed, it is best to put the order on hold if it hasn’t been CONFIRMED or PRE-CONFIRMED yet and try to cancel it so the customer can place the order again with the correct info

  • Products with engraving cannot be canceled (personalized items).

  • We don’t have a way to change the text on the order directly.

  • We can ask the retailer to change the engraving text but we cannot guarantee this will be possible.

  • If a customer wants to add engraving to another bottle, they would need to place a new order.

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