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How to setup your Stripe Connect Account
How to setup your Stripe Connect Account
Updated over a week ago

Any brand looking to sell merch, deliver alcohol locally, or set up local fulfillment for their store must create a Stripe Connect account via Barcart.

Stripe Connect is our payment routing solution. Upon completion of your Stripe Connect account, you'll be ready to start accepting payments from Barcart right away.

Once you've received an invite to your Barcart fulfillment account, you'll be prompted to log in and get started right away. In addition to reviewing the steps below, please watch this short tutorial on how to get started: How to initiate your Stripe Connect account

1. Log into Barcart using your fulfillment account email

2. Click on your profile icon > settings

3. Scroll down and click on 'Connect' next to the Stripe section of the page

4. You will be prompted to create an account and fill out a form about your business, please fill it out accordingly. NOTE: If you are fulfilling merch only, you can select 'accessories & apparel' as your industry. Selecting alcohol will delay your account setup due to additional manual reviews from Stripe.

5. After the initial form completion, Stripe will need to review your answers. This may prompt additional questions so please be on the lookout for follow-up emails from Stripe. Any delays in providing the appropriate information to Stripe will delay your account completion.

6. You will be informed once your account is connected + approved to accept payments.

Our Stripe Connect onboarding is only designed for US-based payments. If you will require cross-border payments please let us know right away so we can setup an alternative method of connecting.

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