How Barcart POS Works
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Barcart POS enables you to convert sales at in-person events and tastings. The POS is managed through an iPad or similar tablet device and a Barcart-supplied credit card reader.

On the iPad, you can access the POS interface via while logged in to your Barcart account. Your existing Barcart products will display and can be selected to create customer orders.

To checkout, a customer enters their phone number and zip code. This will determine the retailer routing, taxes, and shipping fee - similar to how your Barcart Checkout works. Order routing is determined by the same retailer assignments that are currently in place for your online orders.

After proceeding to checkout, the credit card reader will display the order total. From there, the customer can tap their credit card or smart device to pay.

Upon payment, they’ll receive a text message asking them to complete their transaction by entering their full shipping address. Orders will remain in a temporary status until the customer completes this step, at which point they’ll be charged and the order will be assigned to a retailer.

In your Barcart dashboard, you’ll have access to all of the order and customer data as you do now - except that these sales will come from the POS sales channel.


Currently, Barcart POS is only available as part of existing Barcart Pro subscriptions ($299/month). For existing Barcart clients, there will not be any additional monthly fee for at least the first 12 months while we continue piloting this new product.

The required credit card readers cost $249 each, plus shipping and taxes, and are shipped via Barcart. In addition to the credit card readers, you will need to supply your own iPad or similar tablet device. We also recommend investing in a mobile wi-fi hotspot in case event internet is not reliable.

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