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How to Customize & Generate the Barcart Button
How to Customize & Generate the Barcart Button
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The Barcart Button powers Checkout by embedding a "Buy Now" button and Shopping Cart on your website. Visitors to your site can click on the button and be directed to a seamless, on site checkout process that provides fulfillment options based on the customer's address and processes the order in a compliant manner.

To generate the Barcart Button please follow the below steps:

Customize & Generate the Button

  1. Log into your Barcart account, from there navigate to Menu -> Products and click on the product you are creating the button for.

  2. In the top right corner on the product detail page, you will see a "Barcart Button" icon. Click on it to design the button.

  3. Once on the customizer page, you can customize the button (color, text, font) and add in tracking IDs for your Google or Facebook accounts as well.

  4. If you'd like to make changes to the border width, border color, and/or button corners, toggle the 'Show quantity field' to OFF

  5. You can also add a custom message to display on the shopping cart by changing Checkout Text 1 or 2.

  6. Once you get the buttonand cart to look the way you want, select Generate Checkout Button and the code snippet will be provided for you to copy and paste on your website.

Customize your Checkout Page (Optional)

Barcart Buttons have a default confirmation page without any branding to display the order confirmation details to customers. However, you have the ability to specify your brand colors as well as logo and custom text on the confirmation page the customer sees after placing the order:

  1. Under Settings, select Checkout Design

  2. Select +New Template to create a custom template for the confirmation page.

  3. In the next page you will be able to add in your brand logo, URL and any text you want to show up to your customers on the Checkout Page once an order is placed.

  4. Once those options are selected, choose the Barcart Button to associate with this confirmation page. Any orders placed via those buttons will see the confirmation page you just designed.

  5. Once done, click submit to save your changes.

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