Integrating Klaviyo with Barcart
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In this guide:

  • Integrating your Klaviyo account with Barcart

  • Setting up Segments in Klaviyo

  • Common Segments

  • Setting up Abandoned Cart emails

  • Order Data

Integrating your Klaviyo account with Barcart

Users with brands that have a Pro subscription are able to integrate their Klaviyo accounts with Barcart Checkout.

To set up the Klaviyo integration:

  1. Log into account and click on Settings in the top right.

  2. Select Klaviyo Integration.

  3. Select Add.

  4. Enter Klaviyo API Key.

  5. Under Brand, select your brand.

  6. After clicking save, any new orders will be sent to your Klaviyo Account.

Please note that this version is Beta. We’ll be adding more data that will be sent to Klaviyo in later versions.

Additional Notes

  • In Klaviyo, all order data can be monitored in the Activity Feed section of your main Dashboard.

  • Orders sent from Barcart can be identified by the Placed Order API/metric.

  • Each unique customer email will generate a new Profile. Each Profile will aggregate repeat orders from any given customer email.

  • At this time, Barcart's Klaviyo integration does not sync directly with Lists. This feature is in development. In the meantime, to add an Activity Feed-Based Segment to a List, you will need to export the Segment and then import it into your List.

Setting up Segments in Klaviyo

  1. Select Segment.

  2. Enter a name for your Segment.

  3. Add rules within Definition as applicable. See below for common examples.

For more detailed guides on segments, see:

Common Segments

All customers who have placed orders

Customers who have opted in to marketing

Customers who have ordered more than once

Customers who have spent at least $X over time

Customers who spent over $X on an individual order

Customers in a particular location


Customers who ordered a particular item

Customers who haven’t ordered recently

Setting up Abandoned Cart emails

You're able to target customers who started a cart, but did not complete their purchase, via Barcart's Klaviyo integration. Barcart sends this data to Klaviyo via the Started Checkout event, which you can view in your Activity Feed in Klaviyo.

Note that all checkouts (both completed and abandoned) are sent to the Activity Feed. However, you'll be able to filter out those who completed their purchase via your Abandoned Cart Flow.

After setting up your Barcart Klaviyo Integration, follow the steps below to set up a basic Abandoned Cart Flow:

  1. In Klaviyo, go to Flows.

  2. Select Create Flow.

  3. Search "abandoned cart" and select the template "Abandoned Cart Reminder - Standard".

    • This flow will already come with the required setup, including the ability to automatically target those who Started Checkout and filter out those who ultimately completed a purchase.

  4. Edit the email content, number of emails, and timing as you see fit. By default, Klaviyo's Standard Abandoned Cart Flow includes:

    • Two emails: one sent 4 hours after the Started Checkout event and one sent 20 hours after the first email is sent.

    • Dynamic content within each email that will display the specific products that customers had in their cart.

  5. IMPORTANT: At this time, Barcart does not send any product URLs as part of the Started Checkout event. While we work on a solution for this, you will need to make the following updates to avoid "dead" links being included in your emails:

    1. In each email, go to Edit and then Edit Content.

    2. In the following places, replace the URL with the URL to your main shopping page:

      • The "complete your purchase" text

      • The title of the products (i.e. "item.ProductName")

      • The "Return to your cart" button

      • Any additional dynamic links that you added yourself

    3. Go to Preview, select Send as an email, enter your email, and hit Preview Now to ensure that all links in your email are working.

For more detailed information on setting up Abandoned Cart flows in Klaviyo, see:

Order Data

Note: while all of the data below is viewable on a per order basis in Klaviyo, not all fields are currently available for segmentation. For more information, see:

Available Data Per Order (Beta)

  • billing_address

    • billing_name

    • billing_address1

    • billing_address2

    • billing_company

    • billing_city

    • billing_state

    • billing_zip

    • billing_country

    • billing_phone

  • buyer_accepts_marketing

  • cart_token

  • checkout_id

  • checkout_token

  • contact_email

  • created_at

  • currency

  • current_subtotal_price

  • current_total_discounts

  • current_total_price

  • current_total_tax

  • customer

    • id

    • email

    • accepts_marketing:

    • created_at

    • updated_at

    • first_name

    • last_name

    • order_count

    • total_spent

    • phone

  • discount_codes

  • financial_status

  • fulfillment_status

  • fulfillments

  • Item Count

  • line_items

    • name

    • price

    • product_id

    • quantity

    • requires_shipping

    • sku

    • title

    • variant_id

    • variant_title

    • vendor [the Brand associated with the order]

  • note [the ”Add a gift note” field in Barcart Checkout]

  • note_attributes

    • name: "Instructions to seller”

    • value

  • order_number

  • phone

  • Placed Order Value

  • referring_site

  • shipping_address

    • shipping_name

    • shipping_address1

    • shipping_address2

    • shipping_company

    • shipping_city

    • shipping_state

    • shipping_zip

    • shipping_country

    • shipping_phone

  • shipping_amount

  • shipping_method

  • tags

  • time

  • variant_images

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