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Setting up your Barcart POS for the first time
Setting up your Barcart POS for the first time
Updated over a week ago

This article is for anyone who has already paid for and received their Barcart POS reader and is setting it up for the first time

Charge your reader

  1. The reader comes with its battery separated. To insert the battery:

    1. Turn the screen of reader away from you

    2. Look for the small gap on the edge of the bottom left corner

    3. Gently pry open the back of the reader from that corner

    4. Place the battery inside with the red warning label facing you

    5. Replace the back of the reader

    6. Charge the card reader using the cable that came in the box. With the screen facing you, the charge port is on the right.

    7. Once your reader is charged, you'll be prompted to connect to Wifi

When your reader is charged and connected, you'll need to register your reader with Barcart (this is how we sync it to your Barcart account)

  1. On your reader, make sure to take note of the code displayed after you've connected to Wifi (E.g. whiskey-vodka-rum).. This shows up when first setting up after wifi and language

    1. If you accidentally swipe away you can get back to it by..

      1. On the home screen, swipe left

      2. Go to settings (you'll need an admin passcode to access the settings)

      3. Enter Admin passcode: 07139

  2. Open up a browser on your tablet and log into Barcart at

  3. Once logged in, within the same browser, but on a different tab, go to (You should see your name in the lop right corner and your products listed on the screen)

  4. Click on the reader icon in the top right corner (next to your name) and Add a Reader

  5. Select your brand from the dropdown, enter your registration code, and name your reader your brand name + the last 4 of your readers serial number (E.g. Tequila Rulez 1234)

  6. Save - now you'll see your reader in the top right hand corner next to your name.

  7. Make sure your reader is online before you do any testing or attempt to place orders with customers

    1. You will need to re-select your reader at the beginning of each event to ensure the Barcart POS page and the reader have a live connection

Placing an order

1. When you're ready to place an order with your customer, select the item(s) they wish to purchase and it will open up a checkout window on the right side of the screen

2. All the customer needs to do is enter their phone number and zip code - This will determine the retailer routing, taxes, and shipping fee

3. Within a few seconds of clicking on 'proceed with payment' - the credit card reader will display the order total. From there, the customer can tap their credit card or smart device to pay.

4. Upon payment, they’ll receive a text message asking them to complete their transaction by entering their full shipping address. Orders will remain in a temporary status until the customer completes this step, at which point they’ll be charged and the order will be assigned to a retailer.

Need help with any of the above or something isn't working as expected? Please reach out to us at [email protected]

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