Offering Local Pickup
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It is now possible to offer both alcohol and non-alcohol items for purchase and pickup at their physical retail location, all through the same Shopify store that supports their e-commerce platform. This solution allows for a streamlined approach to managing inventory and fulfilling orders.

This is made possible via Shopify's local pick-up feature & Barcart's ability to properly assign orders based on delivery type. Read more about Shopify's local pickup feature and how it works here: Local pickup for online orders

See below for more on how to integrate Shopify's local pickup experience with your Barcart Private App...


Supporting this feature Barcart requires a Barcart subscription, as well as one of our Shopify integrations (i.e. a direct integration into a Shopify website you own or Shopify Buy Buttons integrated into your non-Shopify website).

For all non-alcohol sales, there is a standard payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. These fees are automatically deducted from your payouts.

If you are on a Shopify Basic plan, there is an additional transaction fee of 2% for any sales that are not fulfilled through Barcart's retailers. The transaction fee is 1% for Shopify plans and 0.5% for Shopify Advanced plans. This is a fee that is charged by Shopify to use the Stripe Payment Gateway for your store, which is required for compliance. Barcart pays for this fee at the time of purchase and will bill you for the pass-through costs on a quarterly basis.

Order Management

Our team will set you up with a Barcart fulfillment account and demo as part of your onboarding. This account will be used to receive revenue and manage orders.

Management of local pickup orders should happen directly in your Shopify Admin, including marking the order fulfilled upon checkout.


As part of your Barcart integration, payments for all Shopify orders must be paid to Barcart's payment gateway that we set up during your initial integration. Due to this, payments for each local pickup order are deposited to your Stripe account which is connected to your Barcart fulfillment account.

Getting Set Up

Whether you or a 3PL will be fulfilling, we’ll need to set up a fulfillment account that will properly route the funds from non-alcohol sales to you and the order details to the fulfiller.

Before setting up your non-alcohol products, email [email protected] to let our team know who will be fulfilling these items. Please provide the following information:

  • The first and last name the account will be under.

  • The email address the account will be under.

    • Your fulfillment account will have to be under a separate email than any of your existing Barcart accounts.

  • Local Pickup Address

  • State(s) you will need to collect sales tax in

Our team will then create a fulfillment account for you and have you connect your Stripe account to receive payments.

If you plan to offer merchandise or non-alcohol products as part of your local pickup strategy, please see this article for more on offering merchandise and non-alcohol products with Barcart.

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