Subscriptions with Barcart
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How it works

Subscriptions are available for all Shopify stores via Shopify Apps. App integrations are managed solely by the brand, but since subscriptions have a direct impact on customer orders and payments, you'll want to reach out to [email protected] before going live.

How to get started

Find a subscription app that suits your needs and refer to the app's installation guide. Once installed, let Barcart know you'd like to start offering subscriptions and we'll run tests to make sure it's compatible with Barcart's integration.


Integrations are already included in the cost of your Barcart Pro subscription. You may be subject to regular fees charged by the subscription app of your choosing.

Barcart does not cover any fees incurred from Shopify apps. We will charge all app fees back to your preferred payment method on file with Barcart.

Subscribe & Save offerings

If you plan to promote your subscription with a 'subscribe & save' model, or anything similar, please let us know so we can ensure your discount is compliant with Barcart's discount code policy.

Apps proven to integrate with Barcart

*Barcart cannot guarantee the quality or performance of any Shopify apps, please be sure to do your own research before choosing which app to power your subscriptions.

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