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Facebook Pixel Integration with Barcart
Facebook Pixel Integration with Barcart
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Facebook Pixel enables you to track audience engagement data that can be used to measure and optimize the performance of your Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns. (See here for how to set up a pixel within Facebook.)

Barcart integrates with Facebook Pixel so that you can measure which of your digital ads are resulting in ecommerce conversions and learn more about who your optimal audiences are.

Prior to using a platform like Barcart, measuring the impact of alcohol advertising online was limited to page views and clicks - leaving conversions, the most important ecommerce metric, out of the picture.

Event Tracking

Barcart’s Facebook Pixel integration enables you to track the following events within your Facebook Events Manager:

  • ViewContent: User has viewed the Pixel-associated Barcart Button on a given page.

  • AddToCart: User has added an item to their cart by clicking the Barcart Button.

  • InitiateCheckout: User has proceeded from the initial cart screen to the checkout by clicking the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

  • Purchase: User has completed their transaction by clicking the "Complete Checkout" button.Barcart does not provide the PageView event in order to avoid reporting errors that result from companies already have this event tracking on their pages.

Our ViewContent event serves a similar purpose for tracking the funnel from a user viewing a Barcart Button through until they purchase. If you’d like to have the PageView event, be sure to configure this on your end.

Adding a Facebook Pixel to your Barcart Buttons

Your Facebook Pixels can be added to your Barcart Buttons within each product’s Barcart Button Customizer. Simply add your Facebook Pixel IDs in the “ Facebook Pixel ID (Optional)” field on each product, before generating the button code.

See here for the full guide on how to customize and generate Barcart Buttons.

Note: if you are adding a Facebook Pixel ID to a Barcart Button that is already live on your website, you will need to replace the button code on your site with the new code that was generated after adding the Pixel ID.

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