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How to set up a Shopify-Barcart gift card
How to set up a Shopify-Barcart gift card
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If you are using one of Barcart's Shopify-powered integrations, you have the ability to offer branded digital gift cards to your customers. The gift cards are fully powered by Shopify, while Barcart ensures that the funds continue to flow compliantly to retailers.

When a customer purchases a gift card, the amount flows to a temporary holding account, while the gift card itself becomes a voucher for the end recipient to use on future purchases with your store. As orders come in using the gift card as the payment method, the appropriate retailer is paid as they normally would on a traditional order.

As with all alcohol sales, these gift cards are technically not sold by your company and therefore you have no responsibilities to manage gift cards beyond the initial setup. If a gift card related issue arises with a customer, please have them reach out to [email protected].

For more information on how to manage Shopify gift cards and how they work from a customer perspective, refer to Shopify's documentation:

Creating a new gift card

  1. Create the gift card as a new product in Barcart. Be sure to include "gift card" in the product name and as the product type.

  2. Add the gift cards value (e.g. $25) both in the Size field and as the MSRP.

  3. For States, select all and add N/A as the distributor.

  4. If you plan to offer multiple gift card values, add each as a separate variant in Barcart. You should only have one Barcart product for all gift card values.

  5. Reach out to [email protected] to have our team confirm that the product(s) has been successfully synced between your Shopify and Barcart.

  6. Once our team confirms the product is ready to go:

    1. If you are using Buy Buttons, design, generate, and implement the Buy Button code as you've done for other products.

    2. If you are using our Direct Shopify integration, you can make the product available in your own Shopify store without any further Barcart action needed.

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