How to create a Combo SKU
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At the moment, if you plan to sell a combo SKU (i.e. an item for sale that is composed of multiple items), Barcart will need to provide you with custom buy button code so that your product displays properly for consumers in their cart and for retailers when they receive the orders.

If you plan on selling a combo SKU, please follow these instructions:

  1. Add separate products for the combo SKU and its components.

    • For example: If you want to sell a 12-pack that is actually composed of three 4-packs, you should set up the following products in Barcart:

      1. The 4-pack that will be included in the 12-pack. (If there are multiple 4-pack varieties in the 12-pack, then a product must be created for each.)

      2. The 12-pack

  2. Once your product pricing is approved, design and create the button code for the combo SKU only.

  3. BEFORE IMPLEMENTING THIS CODE: Reach out to [email protected] to request the custom code. Be sure to include the names of the combo SKUs that you need custom buy button code for.

  4. Our team will provide you with custom buy button code for each combo SKU.

  5. Implement this buy button code on your website as you would for a regular product.

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