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How to Add Products to Barcart
How to Add Products to Barcart
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Uploading your product information is the first step in getting started with Barcart. In addition to basic details like product category and image, we'll need to know your distribution and pricing so that our retail partners can review and approve your products.

Finding the Product page

  1. Log into Barcart.

  2. In the top left menu, select Products.

  3. Once in the Product page, select + Add in the top right.

Create Product: Product Overview

This information is separate from any product-related content that will display around your buy buttons. You'll manage that content in your own website.

You'll be able to edit this information after you submit.

  • Title: This will display in the cart, checkout, and in order emails. If your product is a pre-order, please include "Pre-Order:" in front of the product title. You'll be able to remove this later.

  • Description: This will only be used if listing your product on our marketplace, Mash&Grape.

  • ABV: A required field.

  • Brand: Your brand should already exist in this dropdown. If you don't see it here, you'll see an option to Add "New Brand".

  • Product Type: As with the Brand field, your categories should already exist but you can add new ones if they don't. For merch items, please select Merchandise.

Create Product: Pricing & Distribution

In the Variants section, you'll add

  • Size: Select the bottle or pack format that consumers will purchase.

  • Online SRP: This is the price that consumers will pay. Please note:

    • The price you add is a suggested price for retailers. Ultimately, our retail partners must approve the price in order for your product to be approved in Barcart.

    • Barcart retailers work on a 30% margin. Note that this is not markup. To calculate the SRP needed to hit 30% margin, you can divide your cost by 0.7.

    • In Barcart, your product will have a uniform price to consumers. If your cost to retailer varies by market, the SRP will need to be based on the highest cost. Exceptions may apply; feel free to contact [email protected] for support if needed.

  • SKU: This is a Barcart-specific number that's automatically generated. It's unrelated to your physical product's SKU.

  • Cost to retailer by state: Here you'll add your products distribution information.

    • State: Add the states where retailers are able to purchase your product from distributors. If you have multiple states with the same Cost to Retailer and Distributor, you can add them in the same line. You'll be able to add new states later after you submit.

    • Cost to Retailer: This is the per-unit price that retailers purchase your product from your distributor. This is optional, but can greatly expedite our process if you have this information available. If you have a case deal that a retailer would likely purchase based on your expected volume, you can input the lower cost.

    • Qty Limit: If your product only has a set number of items that can be sold to the public via Barcart, include that number here. This number will be debited as sales come in and displayed in the Available Qty field (which will be included on your product page after submission). When it reaches 0, your product's buy button will automatically be marked as Sold Out and will no longer be clickable until Qty Limit is updated with a new total.

    • Distributor: If your distributor doesn't already exist, you'll see an option to add a new one. If you don't have a distributor in a given market, select N/A.

  • Add Variant: If you have multiple variants (i.e. multiple formats that your product is sold to consumers), select this button. Follow this guide for more next steps.

Create Product: Images

Add the image for your product. This will display in the cart, checkout, and in order emails. You only need to add one image per product; multiple images per product will not be displayed.

If you have variants, you can use one image for all or add multiple images and assign a variant to each one.

Image requirements:

  • Square

  • High-res

  • No larger than 20MB

  • If you intend to list your product on Mash&Grape: white or transparent background

Product Submitted: What's Next?

After you submit your product, it will go through a review process. Our team will reach out if there are any questions with the information you've submitted. If there aren't, we'll distribute the information to retailers based on your product's distribution details.

Retailers will review your submitted pricing alongside the information they find from your distributor. Once pricing is approved for all markets that you've submitted, your product will be approved in Barcart.

You'll receive an email notification that your product has been approved and you'll now see the Checkout Button option at the top of your product page. From there, you can follow this guide to customize and generate your buy button.

If you have not had an update from our team within one week after product submission, please reach out to [email protected].

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