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What states can I reach through ecommerce?
What states can I reach through ecommerce?
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The available states that you can reach consumers in are determined by each retailer within the Barcart network. Use this link to see what states are available via our retailers.

  • The left column (”Available State”) includes the list of available shipping states. The right column (”Can be reached by retailers in:”) includes the states that can ship to the corresponding “Available State”.

  • As an example, if California is listed on the left column, that means that shipping to California is possible from retailers that are located in any of the states listed in the corresponding cell in the right column.

  • To see what states will be available based on your distribution: select the “Filter” button at the top, followed by “Add Condition.” Then replace “Available State” with “Can be reached by retailers in:” and select your distributed states by clicking “Select an option”.

Barcart currently has retailers in these states. You will need distribution in a given state to access the retailers in that state.

These states are not currently accessible from any retailer within our network.

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