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Customer Support Handling for Shopify Stores
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As a default step in your Barcart-Shopify integration, all order notification emails from your Shopify store are sent from [email protected].

This means if a customer responds to an order confirmation email, order shipped email, order canceled email, etc., their email will go directly to our support team for efficient handling.

By default, this also means contact forms filled out by customers on your Shopify store will also be sent to [email protected]. In the current Shopify setup, it is not possible to utilize an alternate email for contact forms.

If you'd like to create a contact form with an entirely separate email address, you can use a third-party Shopify app like JotForm. (Reminder: If you're thinking about adding a third-party app to your Shopify store that isn't free, it might require approval from the Barcart team before you can start paying for it, depending on how the financials of your Shopify store are set up.)

If a form or email is sent to us and it is unrelated to their order, we will forward their request directly to the customer support email we have on file for your brand. If you're unsure what email we have on file for your brand, please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

If a customer reaches out to your team regarding a Barcart order, please forward their request or direct them to [email protected] so our team can help.

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