How to Upload New Merch with Barcart
Updated over a week ago

1. Upload your new merch item in Barcart: All new items, including merch, must be uploaded to Barcart first.

Failing to upload your product in Barcart before turning on Shopify sales may result in order fulfillment issues and will have a negative impact on your payout due to improper setup. Please make sure your product is uploaded in Barcart & synced by a Barcart team member before going live.

2. Product review: Please allow our team up to 1 week to review the new product. We'll reach out if we have any additional questions.

If 1 week goes by with no update from our team, please reach out to us at [email protected]

3. Product sync: Once approved, our team will sync the product in Barcart with your Shopify store. This step is critical to the proper launch of your merchandise.

4. Setup inventory: To avoid overselling, you or your 3PL fulfillment partner will need to enter and continuously manage inventory counts in Shopify.

5. Go live: You'll receive an email from the Barcart team letting you know that you are ready to go live with your new item! Depending on your integration type, please see the steps for going live below

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