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Barcart for Shopify: Set up the Stripe Payment Gateway
Barcart for Shopify: Set up the Stripe Payment Gateway
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For brands that want to integrate Barcart directly into their existing Shopify website, an additional step is needed to link your store to Barcart via the Stripe Payment Gateway. This ensures that payments will flow properly from consumers to the Barcart retailer network.

This requires an update to your Shopify’s Payments settings that can only be done by the account owner. Please note: while this step needs to be initiated by you, it does not involve setting up a Stripe account on your end. This is simply to have Shopify's team enable Stripe to be used by Barcart, which unfortunately requires a manual request from the account owner at this time.

Here's how to do this:

  1. Go to and log in as the store owner.

  2. Send this message to Shopify's Virtual Help Assistant: I would like to transition from Shopify Payments gateway to Stripe Payments gateway for my Shopify store.

  3. They may respond with instructions to make this change directly in Shopify but unfortunately, those instructions are not accurate. Please proceed to click on "I still need help" when it pops up in order to speak to a support advisor.

  4. Once connected with a support advisor, send the following message:

    1. Hello, I would like to transition from Shopify Payments gateway to Stripe Payments gateway for my Shopify store. We’re working with Barcart ( to compliantly manage alcohol sales between consumers and Barcart’s network of licensed alcohol retailers. Barcart is an approved vendor of online alcohol sales with Stripe and requires the Stripe gateway be enabled in order for us to integrate with their private Shopify app. Can you please enable Stripe in our payment options?

  5. The Shopify Support representative will need to forward your request to their Billing & Payments team for approval. They’ll email you once approved. It may take 1-3 days to get a response.

  6. In the email from Shopify, they'll let you know that there are additional fees for using Stripe. You can disregard this as it is a cost that Barcart is responsible for by integrating our Stripe account with your store. You won't incur any additional charges.

  7. After Stripe Payments has been enabled, log into your store.

  8. Click Settings in the bottom left.

  9. Go to the Payments section.

  10. If Shopify Payments has not yet been set up, click See all other providers (beneath the Activate Shopify Payments button). If Shopify Payments is already set up, select Manage (next to the Shopify Payments logo) and then scroll to the bottom of the page to select Third Party Payment Providers or See all other providers.

  11. Search for and select Stripe.

  12. You’ll be taken to a Stripe page. Copy the URL and send it to the Barcart team.

  13. Barcart will handle the next step and confirm with you once it’s complete.

  14. You should now see the following in your Shopify settings page:

You're all set!

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