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Barcart-Shopify Integration: Launch Guide (for Barcart Pro Accounts)
Barcart-Shopify Integration: Launch Guide (for Barcart Pro Accounts)
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Now that you’re set up with Barcart’s Shopify integration, see below for an overview of everything you need to know to manage your Barcart products.

In this guide:

  • Test Orders

  • Checkout & Orders

  • Product Setup, Content Edits, and Inventory Management

  • Discount Codes

  • Discounted Shipping

  • Order Emails

  • Shopify App Integrations

  • Billing

Test Orders

If you’d like to test out the Barcart-Shopify integration before going live with a product, you’re able to place an order via your Shopify website or buy buttons as soon as you’ve been given the green light by Barcart’s team.

At this time, we don’t have a test mode that’s compatible with Barcart. You’ll need to place an actual order and let our team know so that we can refund it.

Please email [email protected] with any test orders as soon as you place them so that we can ensure they don’t get fulfilled by retailers.

To place a test order, ensure that the product you plan to test has the following settings in place:

  • The product has available inventory at the Barcart location OR is set to continue selling when out of stock

  • The Online Store sales channel is turned on

  • For Shopify integrations: a product page with add to cart buttons is enabled within your theme

  • For Buy Button integrations: a content page with a buy button is installed

Checkout & Orders

Your customer-facing cart and checkout are fully-powered by Shopify. Customer orders will be placed on Shopify and will flow into Barcart post-purchase.

In Barcart, orders will be auto-assigned to retailers for fulfillment and managed by Barcart’s customer support team.

You can view orders in either your Shopify or Barcart dashboard. Barcart’s order dashboard will have more details per order, including the retailer that has been assigned for fulfillment.

Your order dashboards are for your oversight and analysis purposes only; no action is needed on your end to ensure order fulfillment.

Since payments for all orders are managed by the Barcart team, all order changes, refunds, reshipments, etc. need to be managed directly by our support team. Please reach out to [email protected] if you need help with an order change or refund. Thanks!

Product Setup, Content Edits, & Inventory Management

New Products

All new products must be set up in Barcart first. From there, Barcart will review the product distribution and pricing with our retailers. Once pricing is approved by our retailers, Barcart will sync the new product with your Shopify store.

Note: Product content and inventory management will be handled in Shopify. With exception to product names and photos, you can disregard content and inventory fields when adding products in Barcart unless you want information applied to a Mash&Grape listing for your product.

Important Note: Uploading & going live with a product in Shopify before having it approved in Barcart will result in fulfillment delays for your customers. We require all products are uploaded and approved in Barcart before you can go live with them.

Editing Product Content

Unless you're using Buy Buttons, product content for your website will be fully managed in your Shopify. To make content edits to a product, go to its product page in your Shopify.

If you are using Buy Buttons, use Barcart to make any updates to product names and photos.

Managing Product Inventory

By default, your products will be set up to have no inventory limit and to continue selling when "out of stock".

If you want to set specific inventory limits so that your product will sell out upon depletion, you can manage this in Shopify on each product’s page - specifically in the Variants section. ( See here for Shopify’s guide to managing inventory.)

To have a product marked as sold out, ensure that inventory is 0 and that Continue selling when out of stock is unchecked. (Conversely, if you are wondering why a product of yours is "sold out", check the product's settings in Shopify to see if Continue selling when out of stock is unchecked.)

To have a product removed from customer view completely, remove the Online Store channel via the Sales Channels and Apps section on each product page.

For all products in your Shopify, the following settings must not be adjusted in order to keep the Shopify-Barcart connection working as intended:

  • Barcart inventory location

  • SKU numbers

Discount Codes

Discount codes can be created directly in your Shopify store by navigating to the Discounts tab on the left hand menu. ( See here for Shopify’s guide to discounts.)

When creating a discount code, always select Barcart as a sales channel.

Charges for the incurred costs of your discount codes will continue to be billed back to you via your Barcart account on a weekly basis. You can monitor discount code usage and chargeback status at the order level here: Discount code chargebacks

Discounted Shipping

See our how-to and best practices in this guide: Growing Your DTC Business with Shipping Subsidies.

Like discount codes, discounted shipping rates can be edited directly in your Shopify store. To do so, go to Settings → Shipping and Delivery. ( See here for Shopify’s guide to shipping rates.)

If creating new shipping rates, be sure that the Shipping from location is set to Barcart.

Shipping rates can be complex to set up in Shopify, so please contact [email protected] if you have questions.

As with any discount code promotions you run, you will be billed by Barcart on a weekly basis for any costs incurred (i.e. the difference between our standard retailer shipping rates and your discounted rates). You can monitor subsidized shipping usage and chargeback status at the order level here: Shipping Chargebacks

Order Emails

By default, customers will receive Shopify’s standard order notification emails. You can customize these emails if you choose to. To do so, go to Settings →Notifications. ( See here for Shopify’s guide to editing notification templates.)

By default, your store’s order emails will be sent from [email protected] so that customers have the quickest path to a resolution when they have order questions or issues. For more on customer support, please see our article on Customer Support Handling for Shopify Stores.

We strongly recommend keeping [email protected] as the reply-to email for all order emails, while using your preferred brand email for marketing emails. Changing this email will likely delay resolutions for customer issues and risk a negative customer experience with your store.

Shopify App Integrations

App integrations - such as Facebook, Google Ads, and Klaviyo - are managed by you in your Shopify. ( See here for Shopify’s guide to apps.)

For installation instructions, refer to each app’s respective guidelines.

For any apps that involve customer orders or payments (e.g. subscriptions), reach out to [email protected] to confirm that the app will be compatible with our integration.

Coming soon: approved list of compatible Shopify apps.


Coming soon. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions related to Barcart-Shopify billing.

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