How to Set Discounted Shipping Rates


This article is for Barcart Standard brands only. If you have Shopify-powered checkout (Barcart Pro) please see our launch guide for more on discount codes. For Barcart Standard brands, please keep reading for how to create a discount code.

By default, consumers will be charged the shipping rates that Barcart has negotiated with retailers. 

You are able to set up marketing campaigns that subsidize the shipping costs for the end consumer if you choose to. 

Marketing campaigns have variable costs based on your target subsidized shipping rate and the base shipping rate for orders. As with any discount code promotions you run, you will be billed by Barcart on a weekly basis for any costs incurred. 

For example, if you have a campaign that offers free shipping on orders over $100, and if that order would have normally cost $14.99 in shipping, you'll be billed $14.99.

How to set up a marketing campaign to subsidize shipping costs

To set up a marketing campaign for subsidized shipping:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to the menu in the top left of your screen.
  3. Go to Marketing Campaigns.
  4. Select New Campaign
  5. In the Name field, enter a description of the shipping program that you would like to implement (e.g. "Free Shipping on 3+ Bottles").
  6. In the Type field, select the applicable option. If you don't see the option you need, reach out to with details on your request. 
  7. Select Product and then select each of your products that you would like this campaign to apply to.
  8. Select Submit for Review. 

You are also able to set up shipping-related campaigns via discount codes. See " How To Create Discount Codes" for more information.

Standard Barcart Shipping Rates

Bottled Products: 

  • For orders above $44: $14.99 flat rate 
  • For orders below $44: $19.99 flat rate

Canned Products

  • $14.99 flat rate, except cross-country shipments
  • $19.99 flat rate on cross-country shipments (e.g. DC to CA)
  • For orders above 24 cans, an additional shipping cost of $10 per additional 24 cans applies (Retailers have to send a second shipment on these large volume orders)

Recommended Subsidies

If you have a budget for it, we recommend subsidizing shipping in either or both of the following ways:

  • To increase average order size: offering free shipping based on certain cart conditions, such as 3 bottles or $100 subtotal.
  • To increase conversions: subsidizing the base cost of shipping to at least $9.99 per order.
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