Barcart for Shopify: Integration Options


Barcart is now able to integrate with Shopify, opening up a set of new features that include Apple Pay, gift cards, integrations with marketing tools like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, and much more. See here for an overview on new features and requirements. 

With this integration, Shopify will power your customer-facing checkout and send orders to Barcart's platform, which will still manage all order fulfillment with our network of retailers. You'll still add products to Barcart - even if we're integrating with an existing Shopify store that you own.

This guide is intended to help you determine if using Shopify is the right option for you, and if so, which type of integration makes the most sense for your needs.

Please note:

  • Our Shopify integration requires a Barcart Pro account ($299/month), as well as an annual contract (billed monthly).
  • This is a new integration so some steps in the onboarding process may not be fully streamlined or documented yet. 
  • Not all Shopify Apps are Barcart-compatible yet, but we’ll continue expanding the potential integrations over the coming months.
  • Paid Shopify Apps are not currently supported (unless you own your own Shopify store), but will be in the future.

Integration Options

We have multiple ways to enable the Barcart-Shopify integration for your brand.  You don't need to have a Shopify store to take advantage of Barcart's Shopify integration. In all options, you'll have access to the Shopify backend for your store. 

  1. Buy Buttons with Shopify Access: Continue selling on your existing website with buy buttons. Checkout will take place on a branded checkout and you’ll have backend access to the Shopify dashboard. Products and order fulfillment will still be handled in the Barcart app.
    • Who owns the Shopify account?: Barcart, but you have partner access to the backend.
    • Billing for Shopify Account: Beyond Barcart's monthly fee, there is no additional cost to you. This option is limited to a Shopify Basic plan (which will not impact any of the features highlighted above). 
    • Limitations: Relative to a Direct Shopify Integration or Bevshop, there are restrictions with button and cart design beyond basic branding. There are also certain pre-cart Facebook conversion events (e.g. addtocart) that will not be trackable without custom buy button updates that may impact button load speed.
  2. Direct Shopify Integration: Integrate a compliant checkout and fulfillment network into your existing Shopify website. Continue managing your existing Shopify site as you do now, with products and order fulfillment still handled in the Barcart app.

    • Who owns the Shopify account?: You do. Barcart will have partner access.
    • Billing for Shopify Account: As the store owner, you would continue paying the subscription and app costs for your Shopify plan in addition to Barcart's monthly fee.
  3. Bevshop: If you want the full power of Shopify but currently use another website provider, we can provide a pre-built, branded Shopify storefront that integrates with your website. You’ll have the option to take over the shop after it’s built or hire Barcart’s team for maintenance and minor development & design work. For cost information, see this slide.

    • Who owns the Shopify account?:You do. Barcart will have partner access. You have the option to hire Barcart for ongoing maintenance and minor development/design work (more info here). 
    • Billing for Shopify Account: As the store owner, you would pay the subscription and app costs for your Shopify plan in addition to Barcart's monthly fee.

Use Cases & Recommended Integrations

Use Case Recommended Integration Notes
I already use Shopify to power my brand's website. Direct Shopify Integration Products will still need to be set up in Barcart, as well as discounts. Product updates will sync to your Shopify.
I plan to eventually use Shopify to power my brand's website. Buy Buttons with Shopify Access OR BevshopEventual transition to Direct Shopify Integration after ownership transfer You'll have access to the Shopify backend even if you don't own the store, but we can transfer ownership of the store to you if/when you decide you want to own it. All historical order and customer data, as well as all compliance setup, will be included in the store upon transfer of ownership.
I don't plan to use Shopify to power my brand's website, but I want access to the Shopify features and integrations. Buy Buttons with Shopify Access This is the most seamless approach. You'll get access to the buy button code to power checkout on your non-Shopify website.You'll still have access to the Shopify backend for reporting and integrations, but you'll be able to manage products and discounts through Barcart's dashboard.
I want a store added to my existing website, but don't have the resources to build one on my own. Bevshop If you don't already have an ecommerce setup on your website and don't have an available team to build one for you, we can provide a branded, Barcart-integrated shop to you.The shop would live at a subdomain of your website (e.g. needed, we also have add-on services for ongoing maintenance and minor website development/design updates.
I want my entire website to be built on Shopify, but don't have the resources to build one on my own.  Outside Agency plus Direct Shopify Integration Our Bevshop option is most suitable if you only need the shop functions added to your site.If you need an entire site build or redesign, we recommend hiring an agency partner. We can work with your partner to set up the Barcart integration.
I want to sell merch in the same cart as alcohol. Any. Defer to other factors above. Regardless of your integration option, merch needs to be fulfilled via Barcart if your goal is to have it sold in the same cart as alcohol.This is because A) all alcohol orders and payments need to flow through Barcart to reach our retailers compliantly and B) order splitting happens after the purchase has been sent to our system.Your products will still need to be added to Barcart and will be synced to your Shopify.

For more information on how Barcart's merch feature works, see this guide

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